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Argyle Street, Picton, c.1866
Argyle Street, Picton, c.1866

PO Box 64, Picton NSW 2571

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Archives & Library:
Wollondilly Library - Picton Branch
Menangle Street, Picton

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President:Gail Hanger02 4684 2179; email gehanger@bigpond.net.au
Vice President:Kate Holmes
Secretary:Gail Hanger02 4684 2179; email gehanger@bigpond.net.au
Treasurer:Tony Jagicic
Librarian:Helen Hanger02 4677 1276; email gehanger@bigpond.net.au
Journal Editor:Kate Holmes email gehanger@bigpond.net.au


Membership is open to any person who wishes to join at any stage of the year. Membership fees are due on 1 July each year.

Application forms can be obtained from PO Box 64, Picton NSW 2571, or you can go to our Membership Form and print one out.

Annual Fee:$20.00$25.00$15.00


The Society meets on the first Saturday of each month (except January) at 9.30am in the Library, Menangle Street, Picton. Please phone to confirm details of next meeting.


The Research Room is open on the first floor of Wollondilly Library:

Thursdays from 10.00am to 3.00pm
other times by appointment

For enquiries and appointments please contact the librarian.

Visitors are welcome to use our vast collection of primary and secondary sources. There is a research charge of $10 for the first hour (payable on entry), and $10 per hour thereafter (members free). If extensive assistance by one of our members is required the fee may need to be negotiated.

Requests for Research material should be addressed to the Society in writing, together with $20 inquiry fee (plus cost of any photocopying) and a SAE or reply paid envelope. For further information please contact the Librarian.

Research material held by the Society includes the following:


Insolvency index 1842 - 87 for Picton & District

Cemetery Records

The Society has transcribed the monuments in all cemeteries/graveyards within its area; many unmarked burials also added.

Bargo General, Upper Picton General, Redbank Uniting (formerly Wesleyan), St. Mark's Anglican Picton, Thirlmere General, Wilton Anglican, Appin Anglican, Glenmore Uniting (formerly Methodist)
Undertaker's Registers
Selection of original registers of S.A. Warters, Undertaker of Picton.
Church of England section - Thirlmere 1897 - 1947
Church of England section - Upper Picton 1893 - 1948
  These registers in many cases identify the site of unmarked burials.

Census Returns

Cawdor population, Land & Stock Book 1824-5
covers Picton & District
Census of Picton & District 1841

Church Records

Anglican Parish Registers, St Mark's Picton (S.A.G. Reels 0195, 0196)
atvarious times from 1839 this parish included St. Matthews, The Oaks; St. Albans, Douglas Park; St. Luke's, Wilton; St. Stephen's, Thirlmere; Yerranderie C. of E.
Baptisms 1839 - 1977; Marriages 1839 -1957; Deaths 1839 - 1959
Anglican Registers (0172, 0173)
covering Sutton Forest, Bong Bong, Berrima & Bowral
Extracts of Burials from Roman Catholic Parish Registers
St. Bede's Appin: 1842, 1845-8, 1854-5
  (inc. Appin, Picton, Berrima, The Oaks, Mittagong
St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Campbelltown
extracts from Baptismal Register #2, 1838 - 43 (inc. Redbank, Stonequarry, Picton, Burragorang baptisms)
extracts 1838 - 41 (Appin baptisms)
The Catholic Records Index (L. Vincent)

Court Records

State Archive Reels of microfilm of Bench of Magistrates Records 1825 - 1874 (Picton District)
Camden Bench Minute Book No.4, Jan 1847 to Dec 1850; Jan 1851 to Sep 1854
Cawdor Police Court Record of Cases, 1825, 1826
Cawdor Deposition Book 1825-6
Picton Bench Book 14 Dec 1833 - 29 Apr 1835; 24 Jun 1837 - 1 Jul 1843
Picton Bench of Magistrates, 1853-7; 1857-60; 1860-2; 1862-4; 1864-5; 1865-8; 1868-74
Picton Lock-up Entrance Book, 1846 - 1861
Stonequarry Bench Book, 8 Jun 1829 - 1 Aug 1831; 4 Aug 1831 - 9 Dec 1833

Index to Entrance Book to Picton Lockup
1845-61 (L. Vincent)
Index to Picton Bench Books
1829-32, 1833-9 (L. Vincent)

Deceased Estate Index

An index is in the process of being compiled of relevant references for Picton and surrounding district from deceased estate records released from the Archives Authority for the period prior to 1923.

Electoral Rolls

Camden Electoral Rolls
for Police District of Picton 1859-60, 1893-4
NSW Electoral Rolls
1842 - 1887

Land Records

Landholder returns
District of Picton 1885 - includes Bargo, Bringelly, Brownlow Hill, Burragorang, Camden, Cobbitty, Douglas Park, Greendale, Menangle, Mulgoa, Narellan, Picton, The Oaks, Werombi, and Wilton

Picton to Mittagong Deviation Resumption Notices
Lists name of owner of land resumed for railway deviation of 1915

Jarvisfield Estate Subdivision
List of original purchasers from the subdivision - indexed

Index to Local Goverment Assessment Register 1905-6
Municipality of Picton

Land Title Deeds
Copies of various title deeds, primary applications and associated documents relating to Picton & District

A Picton & District Land Register is planned to consolidate records relating to land ownership in earlier times, and which will provide details of land usage and changes over the years.

Map and Lithograph Collection

Parish Maps
Appin, Bargo*, Burragorang, Camden*, Couridjah*, Eckersley, Killawarrah, Picton*, Wallandoola, Weromba, Werriberri, Wilton*. (* denotes index to map)

Town Maps
Village of Picton at Stonequarry in County of Camden, 1845, (Upper Picton)
Village of Picton, 1892
Wilton Town Maps, 1842
Village of Couridjah,1967
Village of Thirlmere, 1888, (names of purchasers)
Village of Thirlmere, 1970
Private town of Picton, 1870
Wollondilly Shire Council Planning Maps:
  Appin, Bargo, Burragorang, Burragorang Heights, Buxton,
  Douglas Park, Elizebeth Estate Silverdale, Menangle, Mt. Hunter,
  Oakdale, Tahmoor, The Oaks, Thirlmere, Warragamba, Wilton, Yanderra

Lithograph Estate Sales
Hardwicke or Brooks Point Estate near Appin on the Nepean River, 15 April 1842 (inc. landholders' names)
Jarvisfield Estate, Picton, 2 April 1921
Macquariedale Estate near the town of Appin on the River Nepean, 13 April 1842
Morton Park Estate, 24 November 1917
Nepean Towers Estate, 20 January 1906
Overbridge Estate Bargo, 8 March 1924
Reservoir Hill Estate Bargo
Station Estate, West Bargo, 24 January 1920
Tahmoor Park Estate, 12 March 1921
Tahmoor Railway Station Estate, 7 April 1917

Surveyor's Plans
Plans of allotments sold by the Crown at Upper Picton (with purchasers' names)

Subdivision Maps
various - for Bargo, Buxton, Tahmoor, Thirlmere

Monuments & Memorials

List and description of monuments and memorials in Picton District, indexed


Picton Newspapers on Microfilm (held exclusively by the society)
Feb 13, Aug 14 1886; Oct 19 1887; - 1898, 1899, 1900, 1903, 1904, 1917, 1918, 1925, 1931, 1934, 1947, 1950.

Hardcopy of newspapers
Many issues of Picton newspapers from 1898 to date are held in hardcopy including complete sets Picton Post/Picton News 1970 to date, plus Wollondilly Crier 1973 to 1982

Indices to newspapers
Yearly index to Picton newspapers 1885 to 1962
Name index to newspapers 1885-1888, 1890-1899, 1900-1908, 1952-1969
Birth, Death and Marriage index 1885-1962
Index and full transcript to Obituaries, Death Notices, Return Thanks, In Memoriams, Inquests
  - from Picton newspapers 1929, 1943-4, 1947-8, 1950, 1953-9, 1961-71, 1973
Selective index (with clippings) to newspapers from 1991 to date


Collection of Petitions related to Picton & District
extracted from various sources inc. Post office and School files


The Society holds an extensive collection of photographs - the earliest being the main street of Picton c.1872.

Negatives for some are held by the Society and prints may be purchased at cost plus postage.

Reference Library

The Society also has a reference library containg books and articles (inc. some unpublished MS) on local history of the area, general historical research resources, and is collecting a Pioneer Register to be published in the future.


Cemetery Transcripts

Bargo Cemetary Memorials (2010) A4, 121pp, illustrated, s/c, photgraphs of all headstones $25 + $5 p&p

Burial Records of St. Mark;s Anglican Church, Picton (2001) A4, 23p, s/c, lists 849 people known to have been buried in the church graveyard, with locations, date of death, age and remarks $12 + $5 p&p.

Redbank Uniting Church (formerly Wesleyan Chapel) - A Pictorial View (2004) A4, 132p, s/c, cemetery transcriptions with photographs $20 + $5 p&p

Marriage transcripts

Marriage Records of St. Mark's Anglican Parish, Vol. 1 l839-l897. A4, 57p, 1/c, full transcripts of all marriages conducted by ministers throughout the parish (which covered much of southern Wollondilly Shire at times). Includes map of parish showing old place names/locations, indices for parties, parents and witnesses for each register. $15 + $5 p&p

Marriage Records of St. Mark's Anglican Parish, Vol. 2 l898-1929. A4, 62p, /c. Includes a register for marriages conducted at Yerranderie from 1911 to 1923, plus a list of rectors of the parish from 1826 to 1963. $15 + $5 p&p

Marriage Records of St. Mark's Anglican Parish, Vol. 3 1924 -1963. A4, 99p, s/c. Includes a register for St Andrews at Douglas Park from 1924 to 1957 and master index for all marriages showing groom and bride with date of marriage for the 3 volumes. $20.00 + $10 p&p.

Set of 3 volumes - $50 + $15 p&p.


Along the Menangle Road - A concise history of land grants on Menangle Road between Menangle Bridge and Picton Road. Ken Williams. 2nd edition 2009 A4 44p, s/c, illustrated with index.

Contains a record of the landowners of the various grants from time of grant until the land was transferred fro the Old System to the Real property Act (Torrens Title). Family histories, lists of employees and tenant farmers. Owners include Walter davidson, John, William and James Macarthur, JBL De Arrietta, Samuel terry and descendants, Arthur Douglass and Dr. Henry Grattan Douglass, William and Thomas Cowper, lachlan Macalister and descendants, Phillip Cavenagh, Hilas and Pearce families. $15 + $5 p&p

Chronicles of Early Cowpastures and Stonequarry - 1820 to 1850, Vol1 (2010). A4 74p, s/c, illustrated, index.

12 chapters on people and subjects: JBL De Arrietta, A Bushranger Hunt, Frances Macnamara, The Village Shopkeeper - John Martin, Francis Little, Early Burials in the Cowpastures, Park Hall - The Mitchell Connection, The Woolpack Inn, Fairy Hill, Robert Crawford, Andonis Manolis - the Greek Pirate, Vault Hill. $20 + $5p&p.

1824 Cawdor Bench of magistrates Population, Land and Stock Book. A biographical register of inhabitants residing in the Cowpastures. Ken Williams. A4, 176p, s/c, sources, index.

The earliest known muster of the district now a major part of Wollondilly Shire (includes absentee landlords). Biographies of teh 530 persons recorded, with introductory explanations and appendices. Individual biographies vary from several lines to a page or more. Less then a quarter remianed in the area, the rest moved to Bathurst district (24), Botany (4), Brisbane Waters/Gosford (3), Campbelltown (19), Cooke (4), Goulburn district (24), Liverpool (18), Maitland district (11), Paramatta (16), Southern Highlands (8), St Vincent/Nowra (10), Sydney (64). Some 98 were not identified in the 1828 muster. $40 + $10p&p.

To order books please contact the Society. For all books add postage and handling extra.


A-Z of British Genealogical Research by Dr. Ashton Emery - concise guide to researching British ancestry: www.genuki.org.uk/big/EmeryPaper.html

Australian Archives - search their database: www.aa.gov.au

Australian Family History - a resource collection for those researching family histories: www.cohsoft.com.au/afhe

Australian Jewish Genealogy - guides for research into Jewish genealogy: www.ajgs.org.au

Australian War Memorial photographic database - source of photos covering all the wars (people, ships, war effort etc.): www.awm.gov.au/database/collection.asp

Australian War Memorial (Roll of Honour Lists to WW2): www.awm.gov.au/database/collection.asp

Camden Historical Society and Camden Area Family History Society - website for society and its museum: www.camdenhistory.org.au

Campbelltown & Airds Historical Society Inc. - website for the local society www.cahs.com.au.

Campbelltown Family History Society Inc. - website for those looking for family history in Campbelltown area: www.cahs.com.au

Canberra National Archives - advice from the staff in the preservation of historical and archive material: www.naa.gov.au

Church of the Latter Day Saints, "Search for Ancestors" website: www.familysearch.org

Commonwealth War Graves Commission, details of graves of more than 100,000 Australians killed in the two World Wars: www.cwgc.org

Genealogy Search Australia - The Australian genealogy and family history search engine and directory for worldwide family history research: www.genealogysearchaustralia.com.au   Internet History Resources - 9000 pages of records for family history research in NSW, plus pages of links to family history socities around Australia: www.ihr.com.au

Mid Blue Mountains Historical Society: www.midmountainshistory.org.au

Miners' Website; an educational resource devoted to the history of the miners of coal over the last 200 years in the area Helensburgh to Durras Lake and inland to Mittagong: www.illawarracoal.com

NSW Government Archives - search their database: www.records.nsw.gov.au

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages - not a searchable database, but allows you to request certificates on-line (charges listed): www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/bdm

Old Towns UK: www.oldtowns.co.uk - free contemporary information about English towns in the early Victorian era.

Rootsweb World Connect - search for ancestors and families: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com

Royal Australian Historical Society: www.rahs.org.au

Society of Australian Genealogists: www.sag.org.au

State Records - NSW Archives, index to assisted immigrants arriving in Sydney & Newcastle 1844-59 (search in "Publications", then "Immigrants") www.records.nsw.gov.au

Surname webpage - search for surname details here: www.surnameweb.org

UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service - links to regional family history societies: www.genuki.org.uk

Yass Historical Society (free on-line): www.yasshistory.org.au

List compiled from the resources of the Picton and District historical and family history society. Reciprocal links welcome. Please report broken links to the webmaster.

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